Sky themed background designs for PowerPoint are often used in standard templates related to topics like business, finance, environment, conservation, etc. The Free Blue Sky Template for PowerPoint is a general-purpose presentation slide deck with an elegant background and a number of sample chart slides.

The opening slide provides space for adding your title to introduce your topic. This is followed by slides which can be used for adding your text and images.

Blue sky PowerPoint template

Chart Slides with Sky Theme

Among the 12 sample slides, you will notice a number of chart layouts. This includes bar, pie, line and area chart slides. The chart colors go along well with the blue sky theme and standout due to the gradient colors that have been used for highlighting different parts of the charts.

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Bar chart with blue sky background

There are various empty slides which point towards the kind of content you can add in them. There is merely a suggested title in each of these slides such as; demo, video, partner, customer and announcement. Hence, implying that you can use each of these slides for adding your videos, information about your partners, add a demo and to make a final announcement before concluding your slide. Of course, you need not to necessarily follow this sequence, since you can repurpose these empty slides according to need.

Sky content slide

Needless to say, you can also insert new slides, as well as your own videos, charts, clipart, diagrams and other types of content. Blue Sky is a PPTX template which means it works with all PowerPoint 2007 and later versions, even PowerPoint 2016.

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