There are various apps that can be used for remotely controlling your PowerPoint presentations. You can install these apps on your Android device and connect them via a desktop app using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to remotely control your presentations. This can help you make the most out of your Android device by using Android as a PowerPoint remote during a presentation.

PowerPoint Remote for Android

AIO Remote

A few years back Microsoft’s Office Remote was a good option to use PowerPoint on Android devices, unfortunately, Microsoft abruptly discontinued the app, as it vanished from the Google Play Store overnight. Since Office Remote is no longer available, you can opt for the alternative AIO Remote. As we discussed in our review of AIO Remote, the application not only allows you to control PowerPoint but your entire computer. You can use AIO Remote to control a PC or Mac via Android. You can find out more about how to use this application to control your PC or Mac from our tutorial of AIO Remote, as well as check out the video tutorial given below to get an overview of the complete functionality of the app.

Remote for PowerPoint Keynote

As the name implies, this is an Android app which can be used for controlling PowerPoint on PC and Mac using an Android device. Like AIO Remote, you can use your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to control PowerPoint slides. You can download Remote for PowerPoint Keynote from the Google Play Store. Unlike the Pro version, the free app is limited to 10 slides. You can see the instructions for using this app via the video tutorial given below.

While there are a number of apps which can turn your Android device into a remote for PowerPoint, the two apps mentioned above should provide you with the necessary functionality to use your Android device as a remote control for PowerPoint.