Excel Online has become a viable option to replace similar services like Google Drive for making online spreadsheets and to collaborate online. Among the many templates available at the Office Online Templates gallery, the Brainstorming Template for Excel is a template designed for conducting effective brainstorming sessions.

List ideas with Pros and Cons

The template provides sections for listing your idea titles and the pros and cons associated with them. To increase productivity, you can follow a simple guideline mentioned within the template, which suggests listing all the ideas that you can think of in five minutes and then to list the pros and cons for each of them.

Branstorming template for Excel

Filters for Sorting Ideas

You can sort ideas using the built-in filters to easily view ideas according to rank, title, pros and cons. These filters can also be extremely handy for online collaboration to list and share your thoughts with co-workers and friends and to brainstorm with them in real-time using the Excel Online Web App.

You can also use this template to create a sequence for your idea, where you can add different related aspects of an idea and enumerate their pros and cons, as well as rank each title according to its value.

Brainstorming template for Excel Online

You can also find other useful brainstorming templates from our reviews of Brainstorming Templates for Excel. If you want a brainstorming template for Word, you might find the Idea Planner Template for Word to be quite useful for brainstorming and listing your ideas.

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