The Technic PowerPoint Template is a general purpose presentation template with blue accent and gray color tone. It is quite suitable for any type of presentation topic and can help add a touch of elegance to your slides.

General Purpose Presentation Template

This template is available via PowerPoint Online and is best suited for formal presentations, such as business presentations and even class lectures.

The template is available in Standard orientation, however, if you are using PowerPoint 2013, you can quite easily change the orientation to a true Widescreen format, as PowerPoint 2013 offers perfect Widescreen support and the ability to fit slides relevant to various screen sizes.

Technic PowerPoint template

Change Background Color

You can save this template offline by logging in with a Microsoft account to PowerPoint Online and then saving the template using the ‘File’ drop down menu. Moreover, by going to the Design tab, you can also change the background color of the template to suit your needs; such as to match the color of your company logo.

Technic template for PowerPoint online

Likewise, you can easily insert new slides in various layouts to the template, right from within PowerPoint Online. To insert new slides, go to the ‘Home’ menu and click ‘New Slide’.

Add new slides to Technic template

The Technic PowerPoint Template has quite a rudimentary design, which you can change as per need. However, the most useful aspect of this template is that it is minimalist and can be instantly used or making formal presentations, especially if you are looking for a presentation template with a gray color tone.

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