One of the highlights of New Year ceremonies are fireworks. Be it fireworks telecasted on TV or going to a monument to see them Live in action, many people tend to make fireworks apart of their New Year’s celebrations in some way. We have compiled a list of Free New Year Fireworks PowerPoint Templates for you to use in your presentations this year.

Free New Year Fireworks PowerPoint Template

This is a New Year and fireworks themed PowerPoint template that has ‘New Year’ engraved at the bottom of each slide. The template has a clean looking layout, with fireworks on the top right corner and space for adding your own text to a clean, blue backdrop.

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Celebration Fireworks PowerPoint Template

This is another fireworks themed template that you can use for your New Year’s presentations. This is a generic template, where you can add anything to the sky and fireworks themed slides. The text comes in white color by default to ensure legibility.

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Free Fireworks Power Point Template

The fireworks in this template come in three colors, i.e. red, green and blue. The sky background is pitch black, which gives presenters the option to make their added content get noticed by the audience, amidst a dark background. Furthermore, the fireworks image appears at the top right corner for the content slide, adding some color to content slides.

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Spectacular Fireworks PowerPoint Template

The fireworks in this template look more realistic, with a touch of golden and blue. You can customize this template for making a fireworks themed presentation that best suits your needs, such as by adding a year, personal message and other related information.

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