A level design environment is a game developing discipline which involves creation of video game stages, mission and locales. The Level Design Template for PowerPoint is the presentation slide deck which can help you create your presentations level by level (so to speak).

Level Design for PowerPoint

Like most free PowerPoint templates, this slide deck contains a handful of sample slides. The sample slides include; a title, bullet list, chart slide, two content slide with an editable table and a SmartArt slide which gives a sample diagram which appears like 3 levels of a sequence.

Level design for PowerPoint

While you might not get the old nostalgic feel of arcade games or even the sweet graphical visualizations of modern games, however, the template has a three colored stripe on the left, which seems to represent three levels. Mainly, it’s a general-purpose template which uses whitespace and a combination of some nice colors which have been neatly integrated to give presenters a template that they can use for making any type of presentations.

Level design PowerPoint chart

You can use this free template to make anything from an academic presentation like a class lecture to a business presentation or even a presentation about science, nature, social issues, etc. Despite being quite generic and average in terms of layouts, the template isn’t bad on visuals. The glossy slide design works well with the white background. This can be useful for adding complementary imagery to make your slides more attention grabbing.

Level design graphics in SmartArt

The template is also visually relaxing and the well-matched colors don’t visually overpower the viewer. This is quite rare for free templates as the color combination of most free PPTX templates is often a mix of too many effects and design overkill. Overall, if you need a nice template that is not too commonly used, has legible fonts and is visually pleasing, Level Design is a good template to use.

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