Education themed templates are often useful for teachers and students for delivering their presentations. Many teachers have now switched from mere blackboards to PowerPoint presentations for delivering their class lectures, where as the need for presentation templates by students grows evermore. Here is a collection of some elegantly designed Free Education PowerPoint Templates.

Widescreen Academic PowerPoint Template

Available at the Office Templates Gallery, this template is a nicely designed PowerPoint template with a generic theme. This is a general purpose template and can be used across a range of academic topics.

This template provides multiple slides for making everything from chart slides to text-heavy slides.

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Academic PowerPoint template

Widescreen Schoolyard Kids Education PowerPoint Template

This is another widescreen template which is particularly suitable for small children for making children’s presentations, storyboards and to keep them engaged in class. The template contains many useful slide layouts which can be used for elaborating educational content with the aid of picture slides, comparison slides, storyboards and the like.

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Schoolyard PowerPoint template

Education School PowerPoint Template

This is another school themed template for PowerPoint which can be used for making class lectures and other types of educational presentations. The template comes with an opening slide depicting a school scene with a blackboard in the backdrop. This is followed by plain slides with sample text for adding your own content in white, amidst a glossy green background.

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Educational school themed PowerPoint template

Blue e-Learning PowerPoint Template

Many teachers prefer a standard template with a nice design that they can use for class lectures. This template provides just that. This is an elegantly designed template with a blue color tone and white text, which is legible enough for making text-heavy slides for class presentations and lectures.

As the name suggests, this template can also be a good resource for making e-learning video tutorials. You can also browse through dozens of finely crafted educational templates from the same developer by going to the FPPT’s Educational PowerPoint Templates section.

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Blue e-Learning PowerPoint template