Nature themed presentation templates are used across a variety of topics, ranging from presentations about the environmental degradation, global warming, sustainable development, biodiversity and the like. Following is a collection of our selection of the Best Free Nature PowerPoint Templates.

Best free nature PowerPoint templates

Animated Nature PowerPoint Template with Fade Animation

This is a single slide animated template with a beautiful nature themed image. You can add your own text to customize this animated slide and even replace the sample image with your own to create animated nature themed slides.

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Landscape and Text Slide With Subtle and Elegant Effects

Nature Photo Presentation Template for PowerPoint

This is quite a comprehensive nature PowerPoint template which provides everything from a vibrant opening slide to an editable chart slide, SmartArt diagram slides and other useful layouts for making a complete presentation based on a nature related presentation topic.

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Nature-Inspired Layout for Widescreen Presentations

Seashell Abstract PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for an abstract template with a layout suitable for environment and nature related topics, then this abstract PowerPoint template fits the bill. The opening slide provides an abstract seashell slide, followed by editable table, chart and SmartArt diagram layouts.

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Sleek and Futuristic Black and White Abstract Design

Seashells PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint Online template is available at Office Online. This is a beautiful template with an opening slide that displays an image of seashells. The following slides provide minimalist layouts with nature themed sample images.

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Collect Your Own Seashells in this Presentation

Paradise Beach PowerPoint Template

For a more lively background, you can use this beach themed presentation template which provides a fresh blue beach layout. The sample slides in this template come with a mix of white and blue color tones, which can help create a serene atmosphere when delivering your presentation.

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Bring the Tranquility of Paradise with This Template

Fresh Green Nature PowerPoint Template

This template provides a fresh green layout for making nature related presentations. All sample slides contain an image of a leaf and a water drop, with white and light blue color tones with placeholders for adding your own text.

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Create a Fresh Green Abstract Background