If you are engaged in selling a good or service, you might require showing a catalogue or explaining the various benefits to customers for using your service. Having a mobile presentation handy can help in more effectively convincing perspective clients.

Present Sales Presentations with a Responsive UI

For making mobile ready presentations with a responsive UI that can adjust to any small or large screen, you can use Presentate. This web service provides users with a PowerPoint like online editor which can help create and present sales presentations on the go.


Using Presentate for Making Sales Presentations

Presentations in Presentate are called a ‘Talk’ to create a new presentation, you will have to start a new ‘Talk’.

Make a sales presentation

The editor is pretty straightforward to use and you can instantly begin adding new content and slides to make and save presentations online.

Presentation editor

Choose Templates and Backgrounds for Your Presentations

You can also choose between a number of presentation templates to make your slides stand out. The templates given by Presentate are quite elegant and most come with a glossy look, with whitespace in between to make the center text easily readable.

You can also add your own background by uploading an image. This image can include anything from a picture of your store, a generic image to a catalogue of your items, which you can represent with a title.

Presentate presentation templates

Preview, Present and Share Presentations

After you are done with your presentation, you can preview and share it online, as well as present your Talk from within an internet browser, using Presentate. The sharing options include a direct link and social media sharing buttons. You can also email your Talk to selective individuals.

Share sales presentation

Presentate is currently a new service with some raw features which are likely to improve in the near future. For now, Presentate seems like quite a promising service which will hopefully get a lot better in the coming days.

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