While time is an important aspect to consider for every presenter, some presenters might simply require making entire presentations based on time as the central theme. This might include presentations on time management, timelines, production processes, project plans and proposals, etc. If you’re looking for PowerPoint templates with time as the central theme, then here is a list of Free Time PowerPoint Templates to help you make professional looking presentations.

Time Management PowerPoint Template

This free time themed template depicts an analogue clock, with a blue background depicting a building and the clear blue sky. The opening slide is quite eye-catching with the beautiful clock illustration, followed by various sample slides that you can mould according to need.

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free time powerpoint template

Time for Action PowerPoint Template

This template comes with an embedded video animation of a clock. You can add appropriate text to the video animated slide to create a good looking presentation in no time. The Notes Pane of the template comes with detailed instructions for reproducing the default video effect.

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time for action powerpoint template

Time & Money PowerPoint Template

Time and money are often thought to be linked. As the idiom goes, ‘time is money’. This template perfectly reflects this concept with a slide deck depicting a clock and money. This free presentation template provides an elegant illustration of a handheld clock, which makes the slides stand out. This is a general-purpose template that can be used with virtually any presentation topic tied to time and/or money.

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time and money

Free Office Diary PowerPoint Template

This is another generic time themed template which depicts a clock amidst the image of a woman writing on a diary. Since the female character is presented in formal attire, the template is therefore particularly suitable for making business presentations, especially ones related to time, time management, timelines, etc.

The template has five slides, including a title slide, chart slide, comparison slide and two slides with bulleted lists.

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