The smallest particle in a chemical compound is called a molecule. You might have read that in your science class or maybe you’re still in class looking to make a presentation about molecules, science or chemistry in general. The Free Molecule PowerPoint Template is an excellent slide deck for such presentations.

Science Themed Presentation Template

This is a very easy to edit, generic slide deck which provides slides with a pink and white color scheme, depicting molecules. you can add text, images, diagrams and clipart to design the sample slides for fashioning your presentation deck.

Elegantly Designed Slide Deck

The title slide is quite elegantly designed with images of molecules connected together, forming a compound. You can add a title, subtitle, your logo or other relevant information to design this slide. The three remaining slides come with content layouts for making lists, comparisons and text based slides.

This is similar to another science themed presentation template we reviewed earlier, namely; the Organic Molecules Scientific PowerPoint Template, which has even more sample slides with a molecule themed background design. This template too provides somewhat similar layouts which you can customize to match your needs. You can also change the default layouts via the Home tab by going to the Layouts menu.

This is a PPTX template so you will need PowerPoint 2007 or later versions for running the template. Needless to say, the template will also work with the very latest editions of PowerPoint such as version 2013 or 2016.

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