The globally shrinking bee population is a big environmental issue which is being widely taken up across the globe. Moreover, bees are an important part of the ecosystem, responsible for not just the production of honey but also cross-pollination of plants. If you intend to make a presentation about bees, the Free Honeycomb PowerPoint Template might be quite a suitable match for your content.

Hexagonal Design with Wax like Cells

The basic design of this template depicts a honeycomb with hexagonal, wax like cells. The template contains the standard 5 slide layouts that are present in most free PowerPoint presentation templates. These slides include; a title, content, table, chart and SmartArt slide.

Honeycomb PowerPoint template

Suitable for a Number of Presentation Topics

Since this is a general-purpose template, you can also use it for topics other than honey bees. The hexagonal cells for instance, can also be used to represent other types of topics, such as engineering, geometry, art and the like. Similarly, you can also cover topics where the term honeycomb or bees might be relevant, e.g. when discussing the legacy Android Honeycomb OS. Hence, it isn’t necessary to use this template only with nature and honey bee related topics.

Honey bee chart slide

As is the case with any common PowerPoint template, you can add new slides, edit existing slides and add or remove sample content to replace it with your own.

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Hexagonal PowerPoint template

The good thing about this template is that the background design isn’t sloppy and the template, despite its orange color tone is easy on the eyes. The overlapping hexagonal designs are covered with a white text-box,  with black text to make the slides legible and easier to comprehend.

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