Corporate templates provide a formal look to slides which is often necessary for corporate presenters. Using flashy animations or over the top graphics can be distracting and is usually not suitable for the corporate environment. If you are looking for some nice corporate templates, then here is a list of some Free Corporate PowerPoint Templates.

Free Gray Corporate PowerPoint Template

This is quite a minimalist template with an elegant gray background design. The template has an opening slide made with a leather like texture on top. The sample slide that follows comes with the same leather texture on top and empty space beneath for adding your content.

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free corporate powerpoint template

Free 3D Puzzle PowerPoint Template

If you want a template that is formal and yet provides an attractive background design, then this is it. This template depicts 3D puzzle pieces that appear similar to cogs. There is ample space for adding your content, whereas the puzzle design is incorporated in each slide on the side or on top to add some elegance to the overall design.

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3d puzzle powerpoint template

Free Employees PowerPoint Template

This free template depicts employees with one figure standing out of the crowd. This figure symbolically represents the leader. This free corporate PowerPoint template contains more extensive slide designs with sample, editable diagrams, infographic slides and silhouette art.

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free employees powerpoint template

Free Corporate Headquarters PowerPoint Template

With a backdrop depicting a skyscraper, this template has an elegant blue backdrop which is suitable for making corporate presentations. The skyscraper and skyline in this template provides some visual appeal, while allowing the presenter to create a presentation that can stand out on its own, while using the unobtrusive backdrop only for some visual appeal.

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free corporate headquarters powerpoint template

For an extensive range of free corporate presentation decks, you can also refer to this archive of Free Corporate PowerPoint Templates.