Sometimes a bad presentation can be made up for with some good aesthetics. The Red Aesthetics Template for Google Slides is a free template which comes with some amazing aesthetics with a blend of black, white, red and grey.

Attractive Background Design

The slides have been designed in such a way that the backgrounds add a hint of mystery and style. The black and white backgrounds are complemented with a hint of red, with placeholders to help you customize each slide.

Dozens of Slides with Diverse Designs

The slide deck provides as many as 38 sample slides with easy to edit layouts. The layouts are quite diverse and you can use them for making anything like chart slides, diagram slides, single image slides, etc.

Charts, Timelines, Diagrams and More

There are slides with sample diagrams, charts, timelines, etc. You can quickly edit these layouts for designing your own slides to suit your presentation topic. You can also add new slides and make use of the given clipart to create new slide layouts.

Icons and Shapes

There is also a set of icons and shapes in this template that can help you design your slides using various famous symbols. This clipart set is available in the form of two slides which offer high-quality icons and shapes for you to copy and use in your slides.

This free template can be opened in Google Slides or downloaded offline for PowerPoint. For the Google Slides version, make sure you make a copy of the given template to use it in editable form.

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