Want to make a marketing plan presentation that stands out and impresses your clients, colleagues and senior management? What you need is to start off with a marketing plan template that can help you effectively deliver your message to an audience. Here are a few recommended marketing plan templates for PowerPoint, including premium and free templates that can help you craft professional looking presentations.

marketing strategy templates for powerpoint

Marketing Crossword PowerPoint Template

This marketing plan template is highly customizable and comes with attractive layouts which can be easily edited to present your marketing plan using crossword puzzle like slide designs. You can edit the text in the sample crossword diagrams and add additional text and images to further enhance the readymade slides.

What makes this template interesting are the customizable 3D crossword layouts, which can grab the attention of your audience and allow you to highlight important sales pitches and catch phrases effectively.

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marketing crossword puzzle powerpoint template

Brand Strategy Template for PowerPoint

This template can help you effectively present your marketing plan with a brand strategy that can be highlighted using interesting diagrams and clipart.

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brand strategy powerpoint template

Global Market Share PowerPoint Template

If you need to present a world map with a strategy spanning more than one country, then this template is just what you need. Furthermore, you can also make good use of PowerPoint Map Templates for countries and continents to highlight specific regions from a certain country or continent, using accurate, editable maps.

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global market share template for microsoft powerpoint

4 Step Marketing Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template

Funnel diagrams are quite handy for sales presentations, which makes this template effective for making marketing plans using a 3D funnel diagram which can help explain different aspects of your plan with the aid of visually appealing funnel diagrams.

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funnel diagram powerpoint template

Free Comparative Market Analysis Template for PowerPoint Template

This simple marketing plan template provides a nice rudimentary design for making sales and marketing related presentations, which can be particularly useful for making attractive opening slides.

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free comparative marketing plan template for powerpoint

Free Target Market Template for PowerPoint

This is another fine marketing themed template which provides a nice bullseye design to help you hit the target during your marketing presentations.

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free target market template for powerpoint

Free Marketing Process Template for PowerPoint

Available for free, the Marketing Process template is one of a kind. It comes laden with marketing themed slides, including SmartArt Graphics, charts and a plethora of other types of sample layouts, which can be used for making anything from timelines to comparison slides, marketing strategy diagrams, product introduction slides and more.

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marketing process template for powerpoint