If you are in the field of travel or market research, or if you need to present status and statistics that span the globe, you will find this World Map Infographic PowerPoint Template very useful.


The World Map Infographic PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed, convenient, and easily accessible Microsoft Online template that you can include in your presentations to show a highly informative map of the world. With its pins, you can literally pinpoint specific areas on the globe to elaborate your topic, information, statistics, or simply mark places for travel. Its generic yet easily customizable design makes it perfect for any presentation topic and theme.

The World Map Infographic Template features a crisp and clean solid black background with a dark gray illustrated map of the world that clearly separates the countries from each other. It also contains three different-colored pins that can serve as legends for certain categories that you may need for your presentation. For example you can set a color for countries where you have exceeded sales targets, another color for countries that have only met the target, and another color for those that have missed the mark.


It is up to you on how you want to customize this template. Given its dark background and light-colored pin markers, the high contrast is ideal for high visibility and readability. Still, you can change the background colors and overall color scheme to suit your already existing presentation, infographic or your branding strategy.

And because this template is in PowerPoint Online, you can easily work on this world map infographic with your team, even if you are away from each other such as remote workplaces. You can even automatically see changes made on the infographic, as well as input your own updates.


Aside from easier online collaboration, this PowerPoint Online template also have sharing tools that make it easy for you to send out your infographic or world map template to people in your team, your colleagues, or to your audience.

You can build your whole presentation around this world map template or you can add the slide to an existing presentation. Either way, you can be sure that your world map infographic looks clear, clean, professional and eye-catching.

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