Calculating expenses for a wedding can be so confusing. All the details can be hard to break down and one can often forget the figures between calculations. Wedding Budget is a handy Excel template that can help you calculate your wedding expenses with ease. This template not only provides some very convenient sections for adding your expenses but also helps you auto-compute and visualize your expenses.

Calculate Expenditure for Every Specific Category

This wedding budget calculator template comes with all the necessary sections that you might require for your budgeting tasks. The right side of the template displays sections for calculating expenditure on apparel, reception, gifts, travel expenses, etc.

calculate wedding expenditure

Identify Overspending and Summarize Your Wedding Budget

The left hand side of the worksheet displays sections with a summary of your budget with categories, estimated expenses, actual expenditure, and a section to help you analyze how much you might be overspending on certain items.

analyze wedding overspending

Calculate and Visualize Your Wedding Budget With Ease

This wedding budget template requires very little data input and calculation on behalf of the user as simply adding details of your expenditure will automatically populate sections with relevant breakdown of your budget. There is also a pie chart that shows a breakdown of the amount being spent on each type of expenditure.

wedding budget template

All these sections serve as a very convenient mechanism for calculating and managing your wedding budget, without going through the hassle of manual calculations or relying on a booklet and calculator. This template works with Excel 2013 and older versions.

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