Companies involved in the manufacturing and trade of products or supplies depend on proper storage and tracking of their wares to ensure that business runs smoothly, without wastage, and damages, as they can reflect negatively on the business. This said, proper warehouse protocols, as well as a reliable warehouse inventory management, are a must.


The Warehouse Inventory Excel Template can help you create your own warehouse inventory and keep everything in order as you monitor the movement of your products. It also allows you to keep close track of what goes in and out of your warehouse, which is crucial in your operations as well as in budgeting and planning.

This inventory template is very useful for big and small companies alike, whether they are involved in the food industry, retail, wholesale, trade or manufacturing.

The Warehouse Inventory Excel Template features pre-formatted rows and columns, with select cells containing built-in formula, as well as comprehensive sample content to help guide you as you create your inventory in Excel.


This template contains three worksheet tabs, each with different yet essential functions. The first worksheet tab is the Inventory List, which contains an inventory table containing columns for SKU, Description, BIN#, Location, Cost, Inventory Value, etc.

Sparklines in the Inventory Value also provide easy at-a-glance visuals to show just how much each inventory item or SKU costs inside the warehouse. There is also the feature in the Reorder Indicator, which automatically shows red flags if your SKU reaches its reorder limit. This allows you to automatically notify your staff or warehouse manager if any unit needs to be reordered or replenished.

The second worksheet tab contains your Inventory Pick List, which contains a table for Order Number, SKU, Pick Item Description, Quantity Available, Unit, Bin#, etc. This worksheet allows you to sort through your warehouse inventory and easily locate what you need.

Lastly, the third worksheet is the BIN Lookup, giving you useful data for both your inventory list and your inventory pick list sheets. It has data for your BIN#, Description, Width, Height, Length and Location.


You can download this free Excel template using the direct link below.

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