A vision sets the long-term goals of a company or organization. It is what guides the company’s actions and decisions. A company must have a goal in mind and without a vision that clearly defines it, it can easily lose its way. Therefore, a vision is crucial to every company. Without a guiding vision the company will be like a ship without a rudder, simply drifting to where the tides and the winds will take it.


A business owner or a leader must first determine his vision and consistently steer his actions and decisions towards it. The best way to do this is with the help of the Vision and Targets PowerPoint Template, which can help him establish this vision to his employees through a clear and motivating vision statement. Through this template, you can create a vision statement that effectively serves as the goal of the company, as well as define its targets, values, and motivations.

 The Eye on the Prize

In order for a business to succeed, you must stay focused on your goal. All your business strategies, decisions, and efforts must be consistent with what your vision and targets are. The same must be said for your employees. It is not enough that you know what you want to happen and where you are heading. You must have the rest of your company on board with you.

The Vision and Targets PowerPoint Template helps you effectively communicate your vision as well as motivate your employees with what you want them to achieve as they work in your company.


The imagery in this template is direct and meaningful, showing a set of roads or paths going towards the horizon. The horizon symbolizes the vision or the goal. Meanwhile, the paths, which are divided into three to five, can represent the different things necessary for the company to achieve the goal and reach the destination.

Customizable for Every Vision and Targets Statement

Whatever industry your company belongs in, this Vision and Targets PowerPoint Template is perfect for you. Every company needs a vision statement and this template will help you with that.

To customize it, you simply have to choose the slide that best suits your needs and your company. The template has 12 different styles so you can definitely find one that is perfect for you. There are slides that show three pathways to the goal, some have five while some show a mountain instead of a horizon.


Simply choose the best one for your vision statement and edit the sample texts in the slide. Then, insert the slide to your existing presentation, or you can also delete the slides that you will not use and built a new presentation around your vision slide.

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