Graduating from high school is another special milestone in anyone’s life. It also means a chance to move up to another phase, which is college. Here is where you will find yourself wondering about the college you want to get into, which would then pave the way for your future career. In choosing your college, there are so many things to consider.

The College Comparison Worksheet Template for Excel is a very reliable template to use if you want help in weighing in on the many considerations and features of the colleges you want to get into.

Compare Schools and Colleges Using This Handy Template

Compare Colleges

This Excel Template allows you to compare up to five college choices until you finally decide on the perfect one for you. This College Comparison Template allows you to list the various qualities and features of the colleges, as well as the admission requirements, basic information, and possible expenses.

The template features a comprehensive table where one column is dedicated for the comparison categories: General Information, Applying, Requirements, Finances, Non-Academic Student Activities, Campus Visits, and Surrounding Area. These are then sub-categorized into more specific details. For example, the Requirements Category contain subcategories such as SAT Minimum Score, ACT Minimum Score, Other Standardized Tests, Grades, Essay Requirements, Personal Document Requirements, and Resume Requirements.

Find Out Which School is the Perfect One for You

The template provides adequate space for you to type using your computer, or fill out by hand, all the corresponding information under each school or university that you are considering. You can even add additional categories and subcategories depending on your own personal, financial and academic needs.

The template can be used by anyone looking for a college to go to. By changing the categories, and headers, you can also use this for other things that you want to compare to help you out in decision-making.

Convenient Template with Builtin Formula and Other Features

You can customize the template if you want to compare your options in Excel for situations such as buying a car, moving into a new place, finding a job, choosing a career, or for simply figuring out which sports team is better.

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