Giving flowers to someone, when they are sick, feeling down, celebrating a birthday, or for no reason at all, shows thoughtfulness and love for that person. Giving flowers can mark an occasion or simply make another person feel special. In business, you can do the same by giving out your flower-themed business cards to attract and impress customers and business contacts.

Beautiful Floral Pattern for Business Cards

Create Printable Business Cards

TheĀ Simple Business Cards Maker Template for PowerPoint has an intricate and interesting flower theme that will definitely make you stand out from other business contacts. This business cards maker template is unique and will also hold its own among the many sterile, generic and plain ones that are mostly used today.

Even with its floral background, it is still specially designed to look professional, making it look special–and making your business contacts feel special as well. In this business cards maker, you can find 10 printable business cards to print at a time, which is very practical and economical so you can save more money for creating your own business card than having it done in a shop.

Print Ten Business Cards In One Sheet of Paper

Share Business Cards Online

And because it is in PowerPoint Online, you can also save both money and time because you can access, modify and even share it from your computer or mobile device to other people. Simply edit the template from your browser and share it within your contacts in your email or even in various social media. Alternatively, you can save it to your device and have it printed to create actual business cards to hand out.

The template features a close up photo of flower blossoms in shades of pink, and purple, with the yellow stamen of the flower giving your business card a pop of color.

Easily Create Your Very Own Business Cards

You can be sure that your name and contact details will not be lost in the business card because the text is in solid black color, which can easily be seen and set apart from the background.

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