When you are a business that operates on the selling of products or services, you may have come across a breakeven analysis at some point. If not, then you should start creating one. A breakeven analysis allows you to determine how much you need to sell in order to cover the costs of your selling activities. In other words, a breakeven analysis will show you if you are operating on a loss or for profit by how you exceed the breakeven point. 

Beautifully Designed Breakeven Analysis Template for Every Business Need

Easily Determine Your Profit Margins

As a business owner, you can easily determine the financial condition and operating condition of your company by looking at this financial aspect. A breakeven analysis done periodically over given timeframes will show you if you are meeting your profit margins, and if a profit has actually been made. To help you get started, you can use the Simple Breakeven Analysis Maker Template for Excel, which comes with built-in categories and formula.

List Variable and Fixed Costs

This Simple Breakeven Analysis Template is an Excel 2013 Template professionally designed so you don’t have to be a professional. The template helps you easily yet accurately calculate how much you need to sell before you can say that you are making a profit. The template shows you your fixed costs and how they impact your bottomline or net profit.

No Need to Be a Professional Accountant

Like many financial template in Excel, this Simple Breakeven Analysis Template is free and can help you create beautifully made and comprehensive breakeven analysis to help you make crucial decisions for your company.

The table is simple, streamlined and highly functional. It is also very user-friendly so you do not need to have an accounting background to navigate and complete it. The premade columns also come with formula to allow you to generate your Fixed and Variable Costs. Fixed Costs are expenses that businesses pay regularly at the same amount every time. The Variable Costs, meanwhile, are expenses that change and are essentially out of your control.

Built-In Formula For Analyzing Margins

With Variable Costs in the table, you can see the percentages of its various subcategories and how they each contribute to your margin. The tables also contain filters that allow you to have full control of the information you want to display.

You can repeatedly use this simple breakeven analysis template to create periodic financial reports.

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