Newsletters, despite the technology we have today, are still an important part for companies and organizations to continue to be in touch with their customers. In earlier days, companies would send newsletters on their customers’ doorsteps, now companies would email newsletters to them. The same can be said when it comes to school newsletters. They are helpful for students and faculty alike to be in tune with what’s happening in school.


The Sample School Newsletter Template for Word is a free Word template that can be used for making professional looking school newsletters.

Easy to Use and Customize

This Word template allows you to create newsletters even without a background in layout or graphic designing. This is because the template contains a predesigned layout that allows you to simply input your own information in the designated spaces. Even MS Office beginners can create impressive newsletters not just for school but for company or organization use.


Collaborate on Newsletters

This template contains a predesigned layout with preset styles and formats. There are also sample texts, captions, block text, and images that provides you a good idea of what your own newsletter would look like. Simply delete the samples and replace them with your own content to make this template yours.

Using this template for all issues of your newsletter, whether you circulate weekly or even quarterly, can allow you to have a professional-looking, uniform, and well organized newsletter every time. The two pages allow you enough space for all your news, features, announcements, and other content to share throughout your school or even your organization or customers.


You can also easily collaborate on this template as a OneDrive document.

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