Knowing your sales pipeline is important especially if your business is involved in selling products and services. A sales pipeline is an important part of your sales strategy and planning because it helps determine your financial health and performance. A sales pipeline helps you to also visualize where your money actually goes in the sales process.


To get you started in creating a sales pipeline for your company and to have a better idea of where your money is going in the sales process, you will find this Sales Pipeline Template for Excel very helpful. As a free template, you can use it anytime you need to create a sales pipeline, and even use it for reports and presentations.

This Sales Pipeline Template for Excel makes it easy for you to create a sales pipeline, taking out the hassle compared to creating one from scratch. It is also especially perfect if you don’t have any knowledge in graphic designing.


The template features a sidewise funnel shape that represents the various stages of a sales process. There’s a sample pipeline and sales process in the template, but you can still, of course, customize the sales pipeline or funnel based on your own company’s unique sales process. In the template, the sales pipeline have various colors, each representing a stage in the process so that your information are organized and you can easily tell apart every process. This color scheme can be customized and modified to suit your preference or match your company’s brand identity.


There is a table on the left-hand side of the Excel template. This is where all the information on the sales funnel comes from. Therefore, if you want to change your sales pipeline, you can do so in this table, where you can just follow the guides and type in your own sales process steps and figures.

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