When it comes to business transactions, you always need to keep an organized and detailed record of everything that goes in and out of the company. This ensures proper reporting and documentation. One of the most important financial and transaction documents that you need to have in your company is the sales invoice. This is especially important when you are selling products or services to customers.


A sales invoice is a record of transaction, which is also a formal way to ask clients or customers for payments in return to your products or rendered services. Often, companies spend to have a third party create a sales invoice for them. However, you don’t really have to spend a lot, especially if you have a sales invoice template. The Sales Invoice Word Template is one great template that will allow you to create professional-looking and highly useful invoices for your company.

This professional sales invoice Word template is free and can be used by any company in any industry because of its versatility. It is a great way to bill your clients and to inform them how much they need to pay and what preferred payment terms and methods they can utilize.


This template features enough space for all your company information, such as your company name and logo, invoice date, invoice number, and billing and shipping information. You can also include your contact information, such as complete address, phone and mobile numbers, fax number, email, and even your website.

There is also a pre-formatted table where your transaction details can be found. Here, you can list the item and quantity, description of the product or service, unit price, line total, any applicable discounts, total discount, subtotal, tax, and overall total. You can also include payment terms and instructions or payment methods for your customers’ reference. This ensures that you get paid on time and in the most efficient manner that benefits both parties.


You can also upload this sales invoice template to your OneDrive account so you can access and modify it anytime you need to create an invoice to quickly give your customers.

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