Every business entity that employs personnel to run the operations and many other aspects of the business requires a reliable and accurate payroll system. Part of this payroll system is a pay scale, or salary scale. A salary scale is a system for determining how much an employee should earn depending on various factors, such as rank, status, tenure, and difficulty of job or task performed. 

Determine Your Employees Salary Scale

To make things easier and much more automated for you, you can use a salary scale template. The Salary Comparison Form Template for Word is a helpful free Office template that you can use to make it easy for you, or your human resource department, to keep a realistic and objective salary scale system.

This Salary Comparison Form Template can help you document, identify, establish, modify, and track your salary scale. This template comes with a preset range of categories and positions that you can customize for your own company. You can easily create a salary comparison scale for your employees and list them within the tables in this template. You can use the guidelines within this Word template to help you which specific category each employee falls.

Use This Template for Any Business or Industry

The salary scale categories are:

  • Minimum — Usually for entry-level employees that meet the minimum requirements for the job
  • Level A — For employees that have experience and knowledge necessary to independently master job-related duties. Along with the Minimum category, this level is still developmental for employees starting to learn about the job.
  • Level B — This category is for employees who are highly experienced and exceed the job requirements because of their advanced level of productivity. Level A and Level B employees are those who are in the maturity phase of their job.
  • Maximum — This is for employees who are consistently and continuously producing results that are well above what is required in the job description. Level B and Maximum category employees are those that belong in the leadership phase because they have shown commendable leadership skills as well as strong dedication and commitment to the job and the company.

List Your Employees in the Tables According to Category

This free Microsoft Word template works with Word 2003 and later versions, including Word 2013.