Presentations need not be boring. There are many animations and effects that you can use to add an interesting touch to your slideshow. You can add subtle animations to still highlight your content instead of overpowering it. We have reviewed a wide array of Animated PowerPoint Templates that you can use for any presentation need, whether at school or work. 

Create a Serene and Relaxing Presentation Using Animations

One such animated template is the one we will discuss in this article. The Rippling Water PowerPoint Template is a simple, fun yet elegant animated template that you can use to take your presentations up another notch. Instead of the boring, usual static images on slides, this template uses a rippling water effect as its background.

Relaxing Water Animation

This templates animated background is designed to mimic the movement of waves or currents of the sea. The bubble effect on one side of the slide adds to the water theme that makes this template perfect for ocean, marine, or tourism presentations. This template is best for PowerPoint 2010 and later versions, yet users of earlier versions can still enjoy backward compatibility.

Different Slide Layouts for Presenting Different Data

This Rippling Water PowerPoint Template features five different slide designs that each have different colors ranging from dark blue to blue, black and green. The slides each contain the rippling effect video which lasts for 15 seconds as it continuously loops. In this case, the animation is not meant to create excitement but seems to foster a sense of relaxation and calm.

Serene Effect Animated Effect

The five slides have various designs that allow you to present your data in varying ways. The title slide begins this presentation template, which introduces the rest of what you have to say for your topic. Other layouts allow you to include lists and you can also insert tables, charts and diagrams, as well as photos and captions, to add variety to your slideshow. The fifth slide is a transition slide, utilizing the section divider layout, which you can also use to divide one set of slides from another of a different topic.

Follow Helpful Tips for Beginners

This template is also perfect for making presentations to advertise aquarium shops, commercial swimming pools, or any other similar business. You can also use it as a photo album for your vacation photos.

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