Classroom discussions can tend to be monotonous and boring for students, especially young children. It can be a challenge for teachers to keep them engaged and learning at the same time. The usual chalkboard discussions, quizzes, tests and assignments can leave children underwhelmed. If you are a teacher and you are looking for ways to liven up your classroom and keep your students participating, then this PowerPoint Template is perfect for you.

Make an Exciting and Entertaining Quiz Game Show for School, Home or Work

Engage Your Audience in  a Game Show Like Presentation

The Quiz Game Show Template for Microsoft PowerPoint is a beautiful, interactive, game-like template that you can use for your audience. This template can help bring the fun back to the four walls of the classroom as an icebreaker, a way to introduce a new lesson or summarize the points of a discussion, or to just re-energize sleep or bored students.

This Quiz Game Show Template can also be used outside the classroom setting, like in family reunions or get-togethers, in the house, in an office, or even in company team building activities.

Create Your Own Questions and Answers

Automatically Compute Winners

The template contains five completely customizable categories that contain five questions each. These can be arranged according to difficulty or topic, as well as subject. You can set your own categories and fully edit your own questions and corresponding answers just by typing in the appropriate placeholders.

This game show template determines the winner at the end of the game by computing for the points assigned in each question. The categories have point values across all categories and in all questions so the team with the most points earned by correctly answering the quiz questions will win. It is important to note that the scoring is progressive, which means the points gets higher as you go along playing through the game. However, you still have the freedom to change the scoring system or point values according to your own game mechanics.

Make Learning More Fun for Students and Young Children

When you hit the Slide Show View, you can click on any of the dark box in the Dashboard to choose a category and question. The question will then be displayed on another slide and you can reveal the answer by clicking on the the “A” in the slide.

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