Being able to record the time allocated for each project task and to manage expenses accordingly can be tedious and difficult to track. However, you can use automated systems and services which enable recording such intricate details. One such service is ProjectPartner.


What is ProjectPartner?

ProjectPartner is a web service which aims to provide tangible business data for your analysis, with online data sharing and collaboration options. You can create elaborate reports and data can be compared across work groups, clients or trends over a period of time.

Dashboards are customized and reporting parameters can be saved for later use and shared with others. With ProjectPartner you can record project tasks, costs, perform analysis based on recorded data and share your data trends.

ProjectPartner dashboard

Using ProjectPartner Dashboard (Video Demo)

Record Tasks and Monitor Costs with Timesheet Feature

The Project Partner Timesheet feature enables recording time for project tasks. You can record activities against specific work orders to ensure recording the amount of work done by employees against specific client tasks, allowing you to track costs related to associated tasks.

Expense claims can also be claimed by attaching documents and additional explanatory information. You can also enable bulk entry to help users to add time in bulk instead of recording it on an hourly basis.

Needless to say, Timesheet data can also be converted into meaningful statistics for analysis.

ProjectPartner Timesheet

Schedule Projects Using Gantt Charts

ProjectPartner also enables making Gantt Charts for scheduling projects. You can schedule and save tasks and make specific tasks conditional to the completion of other tasks. Hence, you can allocate specific time to certain tasks and create a sequence where the essential tasks are completed first, followed by the relevant tasks to be completed after that.

Project gantt chart

You can apply for a 30-day trial demo to test the ProjectPartner service to determine if it’s a match for your business.

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