Having a product price list is priceless. This is especially true if you are a business establishment involved in selling your products to your customers. From retail to wholesale, trinkets to trousers, you should have a well-organized and updated product price list maker. This will help you keep track of your prices and availability, as well as prepare you for trends and fluctuations from your suppliers.


The Product Price List Maker Template for Excel contains one streamlined table where you can list all product details. The template has a heading filled with placeholders to guide you as you type in your Company Name, Address, and Contact Information. You can also insert your company logo and slogan to further make this template personalized to your brand.

Create a Comprehensive Product Price List

On the table, you can type as many products as you need, this Excel template is suitable for any industry or sector, whether in clothing, fabrics, textile, construction, food products, and more.

In this table, you can type in your Description, Product Name, Bulk Price and Price Per Unit. There is also a Last Updated section on the top part of the table to indicate just how recent the last update was made. This ensures you have the latest, most updated product price list.


Easily Filter and Sort Through Information

This template already has sample entries to give you an idea of what to put in each row and column. You can delete the samples and type your own products. You can add as many products as you need and easily filter through the information you want to see.


You can also upload this template to your OneDrive account so you can easily access and update your product price list wherever you are. This is great if you are travelling or going to your various store branches. You can also share your product price list with your employees, managers, and colleagues so you are always updated on your latest products and prices.

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