If you’re involved in sales or simply want to make money, you need to create hype and draw attention to what you want to sell. This ensures that people know you have something that they may need or want to buy. Using sales flyers is one clever and cost-effective way to achieve this.


The Printable Sales Flyer Template for Word is a very useful template that you can use if you are selling something, from your used clothes to brand new cars. This template can help you create beautiful and eye-catching sales flyers that will attract potential buyers.

Attract Buyers Fast

This template is free to download and you can use and reuse it as many times as you need, which is especially useful when you are selling multiple items at the same time or at a time. You also don’t have to be an expert in graphic design, or even in Word, because in just a few simple steps you can create a sales flyer in a few minutes and get it ready for printing instantly.

This sales flyer template has the easily recognizable “For Sale” sign at the very top. This is in big, bold letters that stands out against the easy-on-the-eye pinstripe blue background. Underneath this is a collection of pictures of what you are selling. There are sample pictures that give you an idea of how your own flyers would look. You can change these sample pictures for your own.


Easily and Swiftly Close a Sale

Underneath the images, in big and bold letters as well, is the price of the item as well as contact name and number. There is also adequate space underneath this so you can list the features and benefits of the item(s) you are selling.


Another great feature of this template is its tear-off portion. The bottom of the template has a pre-designed set of tear-off tabs that has your name and number, so even people who pass by your flyers can just tear off one tab and call you at a later time.

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