For chemistry students and instructors, practicing chemists, and professionals in chemistry, chemical engineering, and pharmacy industries, there will be certain times when presentations are necessary. In these times, it helps to have prepared templates that you can use for presentations in conventions, seminars, proposals, and many other events. These PowerPoint Templates are standard enough to be used for many topics and yet specifically designed for chemistry-related industries.

The PowerPoint Templates with Test Tube Shapes that we have in this article are among the many science-related templates that you can use for school, office or organizational projects.

Beautiful Standard Templates for Chemistry Related Presentations

 Test Tube Shaped PowerPoint Template

The first template is the Test Tube Shaped PowerPoint Template. This template contains seven slides that all have the common test tube images. It has a gray background that matches many topics and themes. The test tube images are prevalent in the slides and are helpful in allowing you to convey various types of information. For example, a slide contains three test tubes with various amounts of liquid inside each. These represent percentages, which you can use for your statistical data.

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Colorful Test Tube Images for Presentations

Chemistry Experiment PowerPoint Template

The next template is called the Chemistry Experiment PowerPoint Template, which also contains test tubes. This beautiful, professionally designed template contains a two slides, with the first one being a cover or title slide. This template contains standard slides that allow you to insert photos, tables, charts, graphs and diagrams. This template has a streamlined design that will keep your presentation clean yet interesting.

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Glass Test Tubes for Chemistry Themed Presentations

Glass Test Tube Template for PowerPoint

The last chemistry themed template is the Glass Test Tube Template for PowerPoint that you see below. This template contains a gradient blue background and test tubes containing liquids, or chemicals, in various colors. This template is a simple design that you can use for chemistry class, experiments, and many more. It contains four slides, with a cover slide that allows you to clearly present your text as well as insert photos, tables, graphs, etc.

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Standard Templates Specially Designed for Scientific and Chemical Topics