Colorful illustrations and vivid colors spell nothing but childlike glee. Children, and those who are children at heart, will find the following template perfect for many types of presentations. This includes presentations for school or academics, especially those involving young children such as those in preschool and grade school, who have short attention spans. As such, presentations need to be eye-catching and interesting enough to keep them glued to what you have to say.

Fun and Colorful Children's Template

Widescreen Educational PowerPoint Template

The Playing Children Educational PowerPoint Template is a widescreen template where you can see beautifully illustrated scenes of children playing. This PowerPoint Online Template can be directly modified online through an internet browser using any mobile device or your computer. You also have the option to download this PowerPoint Template and then modify it from there.

This education themed template features bright and colorful images of happy children playing with their pets or playing in the playground. There are various images in every slide, which make the whole presentation look interesting. Illustrations include children running through the meadows, playing with dogs, and playing in the see-saw.

Channel the Inner Child in You With This Template

Perfect for School Lectures and Presentations

The template’s colors are varied yet light enough to allow you to make your text and other objects stand out. In the cover slide, you can see the title layout in big bold text, in solid black color, while the subtitle is in red. The inside slides contain various layouts for displaying lists, tables, graphs, and other objects to concisely present information and figures.

There are eleven slides that you can rearrange, delete, or duplicate depending on your presentation needs. The template starts with a cover slide while you can also add new slides to complete your own presentation.

Display Visual Information in a Beautiful Manner

This educational PowerPoint template can be used for school programs or school-related presentations. It can also be used for photo albums as well, especially if you have pictures of your children or your class. Also, to be more creative, you can use the template for your storytelling time.

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