Presentations are meant to be brief yet jam-packed with information. That’s why you have to be careful to ensure that only relevant information is included. However, it can be a little bit more difficult to be concise when it comes to telling a story or tackling history.

With the Picture Timeline Graphic PowerPoint Template, you can easily tell long and short stories in a way that is concise and engaging for your audience. Timelines like this provide a great opportunity for you to make your presentations interesting and informative for any audience.


This picture timeline template features a timeline with months that can show how events unfold or progress over time. The timeline has a picture along it, making it look more interesting. These are then all set against a dark gradient background. Then, you can indicate events along the timeline with the help of lines and text. This way, the events are clearly set apart against each other, telling a clear story even just at a glance.

The preset image is that of a lighthouse, and underneath this are months going across the widescreen template. You can of course change the image to best represent your presentation or what your timeline is all about.


You can also change the background of the slide by going to the Design menu in the Ribbon. Here, you can add gradient effects as well, settle on a solid colored background, or add patterns if you like. You can also make use of the many premade themes or use the one that you already have, if you are inserting this timeline template in an existing presentation.

By using this picture timeline template, you can make any presentation look professional, brief, interesting, yet still impart a lot of information.


Upload this to your OneDrive account so you can always access it anytime you need a timeline template. By doing so, you can even create interesting slideshows right from your tablet, smartphone, or any computer.

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