Many people and homeowners ensure that they have insurance to protect their property. However, few take the time to actually keep tabs on the property that they own. Some say that it just is too much time, or even a waste of time. However, if an unfortunate event such as a break-in or fire happens, it is important that you remember what you are missing, from furniture and appliances to gadgets and jewelry.

Beautiful and Colorful Personal Inventory Template

List And Maintain Your Inventory

To help you cut down on the time it takes to create a complete home or personal inventory log, this template can be very handy. The Personal Inventory Summary Log Template for Excel is a professionally designed, colorful yet highly functional template that you can use for recording all your properties in your home. In fact, this template can also be used for the office, or even a store.

This personal inventory log template can be downloaded from the Office website for free, among other Free Office Templates. It contains three worksheet tabs: Summary, Inventory, Lists. The summary shows a graph of your Top Ten inventory items in terms of count or number. The table below lists further details on your property type and quantity. This area also shows you your Most Recently Acquired Item, with the Name, Type, Description and Date Acquired.

Keep Track of Your Properties and Update Your Most Recently Acquired Item

Easily Update Your Inventory

The second tab is the Inventory Tab, with the title Personal Collections Inventory written in bright bold color across the worksheet. Here, you can type the name of your property or item, type, description, and date acquired. This also comes with tips from the makers of the templates themselves, which can help you through the process of completing your own personal inventory.

The last tab is the Lists tab contains the list of the type of items that you own: Art, Books, Games, Jewelry, Keepsakes, Memorabilia, Movies, Music, Sports, and Toys.

Effortless Personal Inventory for Your Collections and Properties

You can also add your own category, such as Appliance and Gadget to customize this Excel Template.

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You can also download this alternative template.

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