Employee evaluations measure job performance, ensuring that it meets established standards and expectations. Regularly measuring of evaluating each employee’s performance through performance review or employee appraisals, also helps remind employees of protocols, standards, and modes of conduct that make operations productive and the work environment conducive.

Beautifully and Professionally Designed Employee Performance Review Template

The Performance Review Template for Microsoft Excel can provide an objective and reliable way of measuring employee performance and work behavior. This allows you to quantitatively measure key performance metrics such as honesty, productivity, technical skills, initiative, punctuality, attendance, and many more.

To complete the Performance Review Template, simply check the appropriate boxes for each of the performance metrics. The check boxes correspond to Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor on each of the performance keys.

Since it is in Excel, you can easily fill out the needed rows and columns and customize every aspect of the document for your own company. It is printer friendly and can be embedded in Word or inserted in PowerPoint presentations as well.

Fill Out the Cells and Check the Boxes to Complete the Form

Such a template allows you to print out multiple copies, which is convenient for your company especially if you have a huge number of employees. You can even customize the template to cover various job descriptions and departments that have varying tasks and skill requirements.

The Performance Review Template has adequate space for filling out Employee Names, Department, Reviewer, Date, Date of Last Reviewer, and Comments. You can add other employee-specific metrics to allow you to more effectively rate each one.

Having a regular performance review will allow managers and even top-level executives determine the effectivity of its workforce. It will also allow human resources to pinpoint any areas for improvement and come up with policies to motivate the employees. For promotion and demotion purposes, these performance review forms also serve as concrete basis to see how well employees meet company expectations and standards.

Modify the Template to Suit Your Own Company Performance Metrics

This template is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013.

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