Whatever the subject or level, teachers need to prepare a lesson plan. A lesson plan is a guide for teachers or to manage the topics in class and the overall learning environment for students. A teacher, professor or instructor should be able to prepare a lesson plan for a well-organized class, with teaching strategies and methods to help students have an effective system for learning the concepts and subjects being taught.

Plan a Daily Lesson Plan for an Organized Class

The more organized and well-prepared a lesson plan is, the more effective the learning. Having a lesson plan plays a critical role in making classroom management more organized and systematic, this is why free templates for Microsoft Office can be a useful resource for making daily lesson plans. Microsoft’s Daily Lesson Plan Template for Word is a free template that can help teachers prepare lesson plans with ease. This template provides a clear, standard and organized format that teachers can use for any subject and academic level.

Seamless and Organized Class

This free Daily Lesson Plan Template for Word is designed to landscape orientation to fit one page of a letter-sized paper so that all the details can be easily and conveniently viewed even at a glance. This lesson plan template contains:

  • Title
  • Subject
  • Prepared by
  • Grade Level
  • Overview
  • Objectives: Teacher Guide / Student Guide
  • Information: Teacher Guide / Student Guide
  • Verification: Teacher Guide / Student Guide
  • Activity: Teacher Guide  / Student Guide
  • Summary: Teacher Guide / Student Guide
  • Materials Required
  • Additional Resources
  • Additional Notes

This daily lesson plan template can also be used for substitutes if the teacher is going to be away. A lesson plan is helpful for ensuring that even with a substitute, the lesson will continue to flow seamlessly.

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