Nothing else can get your point across than being straightforward. With a simple, no-frills approach to things, you have a better chance of being heard and understood. And if you prefer your presentations to be simple and direct as well, then you’re in luck. The template below is perfect for you.

The Metropolitan Blue Widescreen PowerPoint Template is clean, easy on the eyes, direct, minimalist, and will definitely draw your audience straight to your content and message.

Clean and Light Modern PowerPoint Template

This template has a simplistic, very minimalist approach to its theme, where there is nothing but a solid aquamarine background and a solid white text in simple, sans-serif text. There are no borders or background textures, or any other design that will distract the audience from your presentation’s content.

And because this template is widescreen, you can be sure that the layout is easy on the eyes yet you can still put as much vital information in one slide as you can. That said, like most free templates for Microsoft Office, this template allows you to choose from a wide array of layout options so you can fully maximize each slide, ensuring that it is highly visual, memorable, and very informative.

Create Cohesive Slides Using Our Metropolitan Theme

You can easily add another metropolitan blue themed slide and build your own presentation around this template. Simply click on “New Slide” on the Home Menu in the Ribbon. From there, a wide variety of layout options will come out and you can choose the layouts that you need to best present your content. You can use layouts for putting in lists, diagrams, tables, charts, and other objects that also have built-in formatting through the template.

Also, since this template is in PowerPoint Online, you can easily access it anytime and anywhere right through your browser. Simply log into your OneDrive account to open this template as well as many other Office Online templates.

Choose the Variant That You Want to Customize Your Presentations

What’s great about this is you can also easily share your work with other people, which is very convenient when you are working on a project with a group. Sharing and collaboration is easy.

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