Patients are entitled to health care and health management processes that allow them to access, review, and amend their medical records. A nurse or health practitioner can help make requests for these processes. Hospitals even provide authorization forms or even require signed authorization letters to allow for the release of a patient’s medical records, whether for health, legal or simply personal purposes.

Detailed Well-Written Medical Authorization Letter Template

Authorize Your Medical Documents

The Microsoft Office portal offers not just business, personal, legal or education documents. The portal also has a wide variety of medical templates that anyone can download for free. The Medical Records Authorization Form Template for Word is one such template. This type of authorization document allows you to explicitly authorize a medical facility to release your private medical records to another physician, organization or institution.

Medical records are private and confidential information and as such, they require proper documentation to allow for disclosure to another party. This is why a Medical Records Authorization is important, which can be created using free forms such as this one.

Standard Release of Medical Records Authorization Letter

This Medical Records Authorization Form Template for Word is a written permission saying you allow another medical entity limited or complete access to your medical records from your current hospital or physician. This medical template is much like many authorization letters and it is in a standard format containing all pertinent details necessary to also admit it as a legal document.

This Word Template is professionally written to provide important details for the release of very confidential data. It contains basic information such as name and address, social security information, medical condition, and medical history of the patient, as well as the name of the physician or hospital holding the medical records.

Keep Your Medical Records Confidential Yet Accessible

A remarkable feature of this template is in the detail. It is a well-written and formal document that states the information clearly and simply.

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