Math can be extremely challenging for some. However, everyone has to know at least a little bit of math, as it is all around us. From buying things to knowing the time differences in different time zones, from knowing how to divide a pie among your friends to finding out just how much of your salary goes to your savings fund, math is really everywhere. So instead of seeing math as an obstacle, learn to be challenged with math and find ways on how you can be better at computing.


To help you out in learning one of the fundamentals of math, you can use this Math Table Template for PowerPoint. This PowerPoint template is free to use, share, download, and even print, so you can have an easy reference for multiplication. As we all know, multiplication can be tricky, yet it’s one of the most important math functions we have to know in our everyday life.

The Math Table Template for PowerPoint can be a hugely helpful tool that can help you not only know how to multiply digits together, but to even memorize the table itself. As you can see in this free template for PowerPoint, there is actually a pattern to multiplying numbers together. You can see as you go across through each row that the numbers follow easy-to-memorize intervals, and as you familiarize yourself, it even gets easier to understand and memorize.


The math table itself is very user-friendly, and anyone from students to grownups can use it for studying and reference. The template features the multiplication table with digits from 1 to 12 going across in columns and the same 0 to 12 digits going down in rows. These rows and columns then create a matrix that you can easily navigate if you want to multiply two numbers and where these numbers meet show the answer.


The template can be included in your lesson plan or teaching presentation. You can also print it, or even email or upload it to your students. As a student, you can easily access the template by uploading it to your OneDrive account or by printing yourself a copy.

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