Branding is an essential part of every business. If you want to incorporate your branding information in PowerPoint slides, you should try This free add-in for PowerPoint and Word allows incorporating branding information to your presentations and documents with the help of easy to use tools.

Install the Add-in

You can install in PowerPoint 2013 and later editions via the Office Store from the Insert tab. Just search and add Once the add-in is installed, the add-in provides a welcome message with instructions to help guide the user.

Brand ai

You can start using the add-in by signing up for a free account. After you are logged in, you will be able to create brand slides right from within PowerPoint.

Sign in to Brand ai

Create Standard Branding Templates

The add-in provides some sample images, logos and icons. You can also get a fair idea about where to place what part of your branding after making a template from these sample assets, as well as upload your own to

Your Company Logo

Add and Sync Your Logos, Icons and Images

You can make use of the images, icons and logos uploaded to the account and keep them synchronized for all your employees. We uploaded a sample logo to our online account and later synced it in PowerPoint to test the service.

Upload Icon

As you can see from the below screenshot, the bird logo has been synchronized in PowerPoint. We had uploaded this logo earlier via browser to our account.

Sync Branding Assets Introductory Video

You can find out more about this add-in from the developer’s introductory video.

You can add images, logos and icons which make up of your organization’s branding, as well as define colors, font and other essential details to ensure your staff is able to make use of the most updated branding tools for making their documents and presentations.

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