Educational systems all over the globe have already adopted the K-12 education curriculum. This is a curriculum that starts from kindergarten to 12th grade, from 4 years of age to 19. Enrolling your child in this curriculum entails many years of study, as well as a huge expense. The expense exponentially gets bigger if you have two or more children. So to help you prepare for your children’s education, you need to be able to tell just how much it would cost for each child to undergo K-12.


The K-12 Expense Calculation Template for Microsoft Excel is a very useful template to help you financially prepare when it comes to putting your kids to school. This calculator template is free to download and use, and you can easily make this your reference for all your educational expense needs.

Compute for Your Children’s Education

This Excel template contains a single worksheet that is designed specifically for computing for expenses related to the K-12 curriculum. It has specialized tables for easy navigation and lookup, such as General Information, Food, Transportation, School and College Expenses, Activities, Expenses at a Glance, etc.

In the General Information table, you can see all the basic information for your child, or student.


In the Expenses at a Glance page, you can automatically see all the other main expense categories reflected in this summary table. The other tables break down these expense categories with subcategories of expenses.

Record and Prepare for All Education Expenses

For example, the School Expenses table shows the tuition, sports,  PTA, lab and uniform fee. You can add more fees or expenses depending on your specific needs and preferences.


What’s great about this template is you can reuse this as many times as you need for all your children. You can also upload it to your OneDrive account to share it with others or with your family.

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