Shades of blue represent serenity, calm, coolness, cleanliness, and trust. So if you want to create a slide that would evoke these feelings and impressions, then this Ion Blue PowerPoint Online Template is your perfect companion.


The Ion Blue PowerPoint Online Template is free and general-purpose, making it ideal for all your presentation needs, whether for work, business, school, or personal use. It is perfectly designed to be sleek, modern and sophisticated. It is pleasant yet captivating, allowing you to grab the attention of your audience to your presentation and keep it there until your last slide.

Since this PowerPoint template is very versatile, you can rearrange the slides and add various content such as bodies of text, images, graphs, charts, and diagrams. Just click on ‘New Slide’ and choose from the wide array of beautifully complementing layouts. Whatever you choose and however you arrange your slides, you can be sure that your presentation will look professional, cohesive, and simple.


The template features a blue background in a vibrant jewel tone with a spotlight effect in the middle. This is set off with a bright green ribbon accent just off the upper right side of the slide. And if this is not your cup of tea, the template offers plenty other varieties so you can create the same look with different colors, depending on your preference.

As a PowerPoint Online Template, you can easily create ion blue presentation slides on the go. You can access the template anytime using any device, such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. From here, you can also save the presentation on the cloud so you can go back to where you left off whenever you need it.


Moreover, you can work on a presentation project with a team. This PowerPoint Online Template, like many other Office Online Templates, makes it easy for you and your colleagues to work on a single project remotely and see your progress right from your different devices.

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