So your days may be loaded with the demands of work, family, and social life. You have to have a way or system to balance your time and still have enough left for yourself. And if you want to get things done in this fast-paced world, you also have to be one step ahead. So what do you do?


Despite all the technological advancements available today, nothing still beats the tradition of filling out your calendars with your to-dos and appointments. And while the system hasn’t changed, you can always change the way you look at your calendar and input your schedule there to make it easier. The Calendar Insights Excel Template allows you to import Calendar in Excel from the Exchange Server so that keeping abreast of your schedules is always easy.

This latest template off Excel 2016 uses the import calendar function that allows you to get data from the Exchange server so that you can view your calendar from various sources and update them all withing a given period right from Excel.


By logging on to your OneDrive account or going to Excel Online, you can keep your calendar template on the cloud for easy update and retrieval wherever and whenever you may need it.

This template features many exciting features that maximizes your experience with Excel Online. However, if you have older Excel versions, you can still use this template as it has backward compatibility. Just connect to the Exchange Server to import your Calendar, enter your email and password, and just click “Connect” to begin.


As you can see in the example, you can view your schedules and appointments in the calendar, as well as view in color-coded cells the time you spent on each specific activity.

Calendar-insights-from-Exchange-server in Excel

This template is great as it uses an interactive and convenient interface that shows you how to make the most of Calendar Insights and Exchange Server to make your life at home or at work easy.

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