Animations play a crucial role in a PowerPoint Presentation. They should be able to grab your audience’s attention to highlight your topic and not overpower it. A good animation should support the idea that you want to convey instead of being the distraction that would steal your audience’s focus away from your main points. Below is a wonderfully designed presentation template that uses animation in a sparing and subtle but highly effective manner.

Beautiful and Elegant Animated Picture Slide Template for Many Presentation Topics

This template will show you how to create animated picture slides using faded zoom effect. This Widescreen PowerPoint Template features an animation effect that helps you emphasize your main point to your audience, as well as show a specific direction or close up an object. Animated Picture Slides Using Faded Zoom Effect template features a standard, customizable background and a photo in the center that subtly zooms in. It animates three consecutive photos for a smooth and beautiful zoomed fade-in and fade-out animation effect.

The animation is already built in with the template so all you have to do is copy and paste the slide to your existing presentation. You can also build your presentation around the template if you prefer it that way. Either way, you can easily customize the template to your own preferences.

Simply Follow the Instructions to Duplicate or Reproduce the Template Effects

As you can see in the sample photos on the template, there are three different photos of the same image. The first is a shot of the farm from a faraway angle. The shot zooms in one by one as it gets closer to the red barn at the far end of the farm. You can change these photos for your own to show a direction to your audience, or even emphasize something in your photo.

Change the images for your own by deleting the sample photos one by one and choosing the photos from your own computer through the picture icon in the placeholder.

Change the Sample Photos for Your Own

You can download this customizable template from the link given below. This template is most suitable for use with PowerPoint 2013 but is also compatible with earlier versions like PowerPoint 2010.

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