Home maintenance is an important task for any homeowner. This ensures that all the investment created in purchasing and furnishing a home goes well spent and that the home stays comfortable and safe for a long time. You can make this happen by regularly keeping your house clean and well-maintained.

Create a Standard Maintenance Schedule For Your Home

To help you keep your home in tip-top shape, you can use the Home Maintenance Schedule Maker Template for Excel, which is specially designed to track regular home maintenance tasks. This Excel Template can help you organize and classify home maintenance and repair tasks so that you are always updated with your home’s needs, much like your body needs to be in tip-top condition as well.

This template contains a streamlined spreadsheet where you can list tasks according to categories such as Plumbing, Interiors, and Electrical and Appliances. You can also organize these categorized tasks into Quarterly and Seasonal frequencies. The template contains sample activities and specific descriptions to guide you. You can add more tasks, categories, and frequencies specific to your own household maintenance needs.

Classify Tasks According to Frequency and Anticipate Future Repairs

Another wonderful feature of this template is its formatting. The template contains color-coded task frequencies so you can easily pinpoint which tasks belong in quarterly or seasonal activities. Each of the many tables are also formatted with alternate rows to help you clearly identify tasks. You can also filter tasks so you can easily see the information you want displayed.

Because this template is flexible, you can also use it outside the home. You can use it for maintenance and other tasks for the garden, especially in rotating harvests or planting specific seedlings, or even in generally maintaining your garden or orchard. If you have a store or shop you want to efficiently maintain, you can find this template helpful as well. Simply change the tasks and categories to your specific maintenance activities.

Track Maintenance Tasks and Monitor Their Progress

You can also include daily, weekly and monthly maintenance, repair, and even cleaning duties. The description also helps make the activities standardized.

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