Whatever you do, whether you are trying to accomplish a goal or make your resolutions come true, it is always a great motivation to belong to a group to do things with. This is also true when it comes to weight-loss. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle entails less stress and more fun when you do it with other people, especially with those who have the same goals.

Visual Weight Loss Tracker for Groups and Teams

So whether you are someone trying to lose weight with friends or you belong in a weight-loss boot camp or class, you may find the Group Weight Loss Tracker Template for Excel very helpful and convenient. This template will allow you to monitor your group’s progress over a definite period and see how each one is performing as you compare with each other.

This Group Weight Loss Tracker Template for Excel is designed specifically for the goal of weight loss among several people, such as in work out buddies, or even in families wanting to have a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

What is great about this template is that it is standard yet can be used by male or female, young or old, so it is perfect for families or even the whole community. Using this and other Free Office Templates for Weight Loss Calculations can help encourage a much healthier lifestyle among people, which is also a great motivation for everyone to not lose track of their individual weight loss goals.

Compare Weight Loss and Fitness Performance of Individuals in a Group

This template features a specially designed spreadsheet that serves as a monthly tracker specifically for recording more than one person’s journey to his or her ideal weight. For each person in the tracker, the starting and goal weight are set. Then the summary shows the Maximum, Minimum, Lost Percentage, and Average Weight figures, as well as the number of pounds left for the person to lose before reaching the weight goal. The summary also shows the total weight lost.

Under this summary, the daily log can be seen, which shows the weight for each day and a visual representation in the form of a bar graph. This format will easily show the weight loss performance and will easily make weight fluctuations or stagnations stand out.

Keep Track of Daily Weight Loss Progress for the Month

This template can be used for family weight loss, or among friends or even workmates. It can also be used by a weight loss coach, fitness instructor, or trainer for keeping tabs on individual progress compared to the rest of the group.

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