Women play powerful roles not only at home but also in history all over the world. Not only known for their nurturing qualities, women are also well-known for their bravery, intelligence, and big roles in different fields and throughout history. This is why we celebrate Women’s History Month in many parts of the globe. This celebration commemorate all women whose work made a lasting impact to society.


Whether you are tasked with creating a program, a presentation or a report during Women’s History Month, this Free Women’s History Month Template for Microsoft PowerPoint can help you. This specialized PowerPoint template will allow you to easily create a beautiful presentation meant for commemorating one or more women during the widely celebrated Women’s History Month.

Celebrate Women and Womanhood

This template features a beautiful title slide that contains images of women on an elegant, brown gradient background with a curved shape overlay where you can type your presentation’s title, or just the event name itself. The template’s title slide, as well as the inside slides, already have placeholders to help guide you as you type your details and presentation information.

The 11 sample slides already have specific headers and topics to help you organize your research information. You can add more slides and create your own layouts from a Blank slide to better suit the presentation you had in mind.


Easily Customize and Personalize

And to further customize your presentation, you can change the theme, change the background colors and effects, as well as add your logo to the slides.

The format and style of this presentation makes it perfect for school and organization use. This is because the template is very comprehensive and well-organized that your presentation will always come out looking professional, well-made, and elegant.


Even other organizations or business entities that support the women’s movement or celebrate the Women’s History Month can also use this template by customizing it according to their needs.

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