Wildlife is a topic for which finding a catchy template isn’t all that easy. You might want to look into various wildlife themed PowerPoint templates and extract slides from them to make a slide deck which really stands out. Whether you want a single template for a wildlife themed presentation or want multiple templates to use for making a slide deck, here is a collection of Free Wildlife PowerPoint Templates to help you make the most out of your presentations.

Free Rhinoceros PowerPoint Template

This is quite an elegant template with an image of a rhinoceros amidst a black background. There are a few sample slides in this template that you can customize according to need. All slides have the term Wild World embedded within slides with sample slides presenting layouts for adding charts, making lists and comparisons.

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rhinoceros powerpoint template

Free Leopard PowerPoint Template

This is another elegantly designed PowrPoint template by the same developer; PPTTemplate. Similar to the rhinoceros template, this template depicts the image of a leopard in all his glory. The template contains five slides but you can add more according to need.

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free wildlife powerpoint templates

Free Bird PowerPoint Template

While this template too is by the same developer and the same series of Wild Word templates, the entire deck is more colorful than the other two templates mentioned above. The central theme of this PPT template is a blue bird, or more specifically the Hyacinth Macaw, which is a parrot found in South America.

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free bird powerpoint template

Free Africa PowerPoint Template

With a background depicting running zebras, this is the perfect template for making wildlife and nature themed presentations. The template has zebra images embedded across all slides, with a sand colored backdrop to help presenters discuss topics related to Africa. You can use this template to talk about African safaris, African wildlife, the continent of Africa and more.

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free africa powerpoint template

You can download more templates about animals and wildlife  from this link: Free Wildlife PowerPoint Templates.