If you’re looking to make a presentation about DIY methods, what better presentation template to use than one which depicts tools. The Free Tools PowerPoint Template provides a background design which depicts various tools such as a hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

Create Presentations on Different Topics

With this tools themed presentation template you can discuss DIY related techniques, elaborate the names of different tools for children at school, or simply use this tool themed presentation template to make presentations about hard work, and creativity. This is a general-purpose template and therefore can be used for a variety of topics. The title slide depicts a number of tools with space for adding details regarding your presentation such as a title and a subtitle.

Free Tools PowerPoint Template

Tools Themed Presentation Template

The tools image is condensed in following slides to make more space for your content. This can include; text. Images, charts, tables, diagrams and anything else you might find useful to elaborate upon your topic. The slide shown below provides a separator for your slides in the form of a measuring tape image.

Tools Template for PowerPoint

Similarly, the third slide in this template reduces the number of tools to three visible ones and others in semi-transparent form with text overlay. This can help you emphasize your text, while using the tools imagery for visual aid.

Tools Template

There are five sample slides in this template. You can add additional slides and customize the sample slides as you need to. The template comes in PPTX format, making it suitable for all 2007 and later editions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

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